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Frequently Asked Questions: Hospitality Study at the Cornell University

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Below are some of the questions potential scholars ask about the Association:

  • 1. How are Kwok Hospitality Award recipients selected?
    Kwok Hospitality Awards are need based, candidates need to show that they are not able to afford the study financially. Kwok Hospitality Awards are also merit based. The Association looks for candidates who are committed to hospitality and have the intention to give back to the Hong Kong society.

Value of a Kwok Scholarship:
  • 2. What costs does a Kwok Hospitality Award cover?
    It covers university tuition fees, meal plan and health insurance. It also provides an allowance for accommodation and travelling expenses. ​Expenses incurred in attending hotel shows and hospitality related field trips will be reimbursed.
  • 3. What does a Kwok Hospitality Award allowance cover?
    Kwok Hospitality Award allowance covers accommodation, the cost of one economy return airfare between Hong Kong and New York and the US student visa fee.

  • 4. Am I allowed to accept awards in conjunction with a Kwok Hospitality Award?
    No, a Kwok Hospitality Award will not normally be held concurrently with other awards.

  • 5. What should I consider when enrolling hospitality related courses at Cornell University?
    You should choose: (1) hospitality related courses which are not offered by the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and those complement your study at SHTM; and (2) hospitality related courses which may have similar names as that offered by SHTM but the contents or approaches are different. You are expected to enroll in at least three hospitality related courses which has met one of these criteria. You should also check if the course has a US focus which may not be relevant to Hong Kong or this part of the world.
  • 6. If I fail to enroll a course, what should I do?
    You should email the relevant professor at once and make sure you are on the waiting list.

  • 7. Who covers the cost of attending the interview?
    Candidates are expected to cover the full costs of attending the interview, including travelling and accommodation, where applicable.
  • 8. What documents do I need to take with me to my interview?
    Your CV.
  • 9. What is the dress code of the interview?
    Business casual.
  • 10. What should I expect of the interview?
    You will be individually interviewed by our Selection Committee comprised of 3 to 4 interviewers.
  • 11. What questions will I be asked at the interview?
    Some of the information you have provided will be discussed. The interviewers will ask questions to enable you to fully explain your motivation and inspiration to take the exchange programme. ​Your career goal and intention to give back to the community will also be discussed.
  • 12. Any tips for preparing for the interview?
    You may wish to be more familiar with the Kwok Scholarships by checking out our website and social media.

  • 13. Who pays for my accommodation?
    Kwok Scholars are responsible for finding and paying their accommodation. Your Award allowance covers the accommodation costs, you can pay your accommodation out of your award allowance.
  • 14. The school is unable to allocate me accommodation, can you help?
    You are responsible for finding your accommodation. If the school is unable to allocate you accommodation, you should explore the off-campus housing options. The school should be able to provide you with a list of off-campus housing search engines.