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5 April 2022 Oxford Policy Pod
Roshan Prakash Melwani
By Roshan Prakash Melwani

Responding to Climate Displacement

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The podcast was researched and hosted by Roshan Melwani. Roshan is joined by Professor Nina Hall, an Assistant Professor of International Relations at John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. The episode discusses the challenges associated with migration and human displacement in the context of climate change, and explores policy responses available to international organisations. Given the complex interactions between climate change, conflict and displacement, many humanitarian agencies and NGOs are only just beginning to come to grips with the implications of climate change on displacement issues.

This programme was podcasted on Oxford Policy Pod on 5 April 2022.

About the podcaster
Roshan Melwani, 2020 Kwok Scholar, is a legal practitioner. He is pursuing the Master of Public Policy at the University of Oxford.