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For the Undergraduate Study at the University of Oxford

Notes about how to apply for a Kwok Scholarship

The aim of the Kwok Scholarships is to provide financial support for students of exceptional academic merit wishing to make a commitment to serve the public for the benefit of the Hong Kong community and /or betterment of Mainland China and intending to use their studies at the University of Oxford to further that commitment.

This scholarship is only available to Chinese students from Hong Kong and/or Mainland China who have been offered a place to study in the Bachelor’s Degree of Philosophy, Politics and Economics programme, History and Politics programme, Psychology (Experimental) programme or Psychology, Philosophy, Linguistics programme at the University of Oxford ("Oxford").

Please note:

  • Your Kwok Scholarship application is independent of your application to study at Oxford.

  • You should not apply for a Kwok Scholarship until after you have been offered a place to study at Oxford, having successfully applied through the normal Oxford admissions process.

  • Scholarships will be allocated based on academic merit, financial need, leadership potential, commitment to improve the lives of others and a vision of serving the community with your field of expertise.

  • To apply, please complete the Online Scholarship Application Form. In order to assist you in gathering all the necessary information to complete the Online Scholarship Application Form, you may wish to download the Scholarship Application Form in Word format and view all the information required. Please also provide the following supporting documents to , limiting the size of each email to no more than 10MB:

    • Curriculum vitae;

    • Academic transcripts;

    • Offer letter from Oxford for a place to study for one of the undergraduate degree programmes covered by the Kwok Scholarships;

    • Proof of your need for financial support, justifying why you should be awarded a scholarship, including:

      • Certificate and/or proof of income issued by your current employer;

      • Your latest available tax returns. If no tax returns are available, please confirm that there are none and explain why not;

      • Proof of income and tax returns for each of your family members, including parents and spouse;

      • Any other source(s) of funds, which have not been reflected in the Online Application Form, available to contribute towards the cost of your studies; and

      • Any other documents that support your financial status and that of your family’s.

    • Records of public services and community activities. It should include the nature, duration and average hours of your service/activities. Describe a recent satisfying public service and/or community activity. Major obstacles and challenges you have managed during the public services and/or community activities can also be included;

    • Statement of purpose (no more than 800 words) to explain how your study at Oxford will prepare for your career. A general guidance of the statement include your inspiration, what drives you and your interests in social affairs. Explain how your study at Oxford will enhance your contribution to the Hong Kong community and/or the betterment of Mainland China. Give us an indication of possible careers after your study. Your long term career goals should also be included. This statement is a very important part of the application, as it is an opportunity for you to tell the Selection Committee who you are; and

    • Reference letters from two academic referrers and (if applicable) one community activity referrer. Please ask your referrers to email their reference letters directly to , using their institution’s email address; - Notes to Referrers.

  • Please ensure that your Online Scholarship Application Form, all the supporting materials and reference letters from referrers are received by us no later than 18.00 on Friday 29th January 2021 (China Standard Time). Kindly limit the size of your email with attachments to 10MB. You may send multiple emails if necessary. Incomplete applications, and applications received after the closing time, will not be considered. We reserve the right to request further information and/or the production of original documents at interview.

  • Please inform us if there is any change in your financial status and that of your family’s during the course of application. This should include the status of other scholarships.

  • You will be notified if you are shortlisted for interview. It is anticipated that successful applicants will be notified of the Scholarship selection committee's decision by April 2021. The decision of the committee shall be final and there is no appeal mechanism.

  • Please email us at if you have any queries regarding completing the Online Scholarship Application Form or the required supporting documents.

  • The personal data provided in the context of your application will be used for purposes relating to applications for and (where applicable) the administration of Kwok Scholarships and scholars' membership of the Kwok Scholars Association. Such data may be provided to other organisations authorised to process or handle it for purposes relating to Kwok Scholarships, including for the purpose of verifying information or documents provided. If an application is successful, an appropriate announcement and details may be shared, including on our website and social media, with news updates. Personal data of an unsuccessful applicant will normally be destroyed 2 years after rejection of the applicant's application. Unless otherwise exempted under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, applicants have the right of access to and correction of their personal data; requests in such regard should be made to the Kwok Scholars Association Limited at .